Focus Forward: 2016 Technology Trends Report

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Neal Romanek
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April 15th 2016 at 9:42AM : By Neal Romanek

Imagine Communications' state-of-the-industry report surveyed industry professionals worldwide to get a snapshot of how companies are negotiating major industry transformations

This week Imagine Communications published its 2016 Technology Trends Report. The result of a survey of over 700 professionals from all regions and segments of the media industry, the report analyses the status of the big transitions in tech and how companies and markets are approaching them. 

The survey looks at four distinct but interrelated technology transitions: SDI to IP, hardware-centric to virtualisation, HD to UHD, and linear to omniplatform ad management.

Some of the report's key findings: 

  • More than 40% of broadcast professionals say they have transitioned 25-100% of their operations to IP 
  • The use of standards-based, non-proprietary products is viewed as the most important requirement of an SDI-to-IP hybrid environment 
  • The ability to introduce new sources of revenue is considered the top objective of an SDI-to-IP transition 
  • Nearly 90% of media companies have started to move hardware-dependent operations into virtualised environments 
  • Almost 45% of media professionals say they have moved at least 25% of operations to virtualised environments 
  • Nearly 50% of survey respondents estimate it will be more than two years before market demand is strong enough to justify significant investment in UHD 
  • Nearly 75% of broadcast professionals say that a unified, omniplatform approach to ad management is Important or Very Important to the success of their businesses 


Download the full report here