Video: VR is your future. Here's a look at what's to come

VR World 2017
Neal Romanek
June 12th 2017 at 12:08PM : By Neal Romanek

Our video coverage of last month's VR World in London

VR World 2017 was two days of tips, tech and talk on what might well be the most disruptive audio-visual tech of our lifetimes. But to call it VR World seems a bit of a misnomer - like the term "VR" itself. The exhibitors and delegates we spoke to all were reaching for some better term to describe this brave new world of full spectrum communication - "mixed reality", "augmented reality", "immersive content" - but the vocabularly still isn't quite there to describe all of what VR has to offer. 

Hoping pictures might be able to convey what words cannot, here's our TVTG video look at just a few of the amazing tools on display at VR World 2017 (read our full VR World deep dive here):