TV Tech Global's debut magazine is here!

TV Tech Global cover, 2017 Jan/Feb
Neal Romanek
February 17th 2017 at 11:34AM : By Neal Romanek

The new TV Tech Global magazine is entirely digital

Our first TV Tech Global magazine is ready to go! In this all-digital issue we feature interviews, case studies, gear reviews, and opinion pieces on the media technology sector around the globe.

You can read and download the new magazine here. If you're a subscriber to our newsletter, you'll get the magazine in your inbox every two months. If you haven't subscribed yet do it now!

Our January/February issue includes an interview with the IET's Naomi Climer, a review of BenQ's new affordable 4K monitor, a focus on OTT tech strategies, a look at Woody Harrelson's groundbreaking live cinema production, Lost in London LIVE, and a favourite feature from our TV Technology Europe magazines, Sharpshooter, where we interview DP's and camera crew from around the globe.

We hope you like our new magazine. And we're eager for any feedback or input you have. Email editor Neal Romanek at