Top response to AIMS for SAM at BVE

BVE 2016 show floor
Neal Romanek
February 25th 2016 at 11:41AM : By Neal Romanek

According to Snell Advanced Media, the new AIMS trade organisation is stimulating business at BVE 2016

This week's BVE 2016 in London is the first major European TV tradeshow held since the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) was formed at the end of last year, and one of its founding members, Snell Advanced Media, has found that the new trade organisation has ignited customer interest.

AIMS was formed by Grass Valley, Imagine Communications, Lawo, Nevion and SAM to promote open standards and interoperability in the transition to IP.

Mark Gardner, SAM sales director for Northern Europe and Africa, said that BVE delegates have been enquiring about the AIMS agenda and expressing appreciation that their concerns about interoperability are finally being addressed.

“A lot of the customers are very happy to see the industry is pulling together. With AIMS, there’s now a formal way for manufacturers to talk to each other. If we all disappear in different directions and do our own things around IP, then the customers are going to suffer.”

Gardner cautioned that AIMS’ work is just beginning: “But even though customers are happy that we’re working on the interoperability of the format, they want to see interoperability in the control layer too.”

Gardner said that the show of solidarity by manufacturers and vendors, with AIMS acquiring new members regularly, bodes well for business. “With the risk being lowered, people will be more willing now to invest in new technologies.”