Sony truck stolen en route to NAB with all show gear

Neal Romanek
April 18th 2017 at 5:10PM : By Neal Romanek

Sony will release more information in the coming days

A truck carrying all of the Sony gear bound for this week's NAB trade show has been stolen, TV Tech Global has learned. 

Sony has only released a short statement:

Regarding the reports of missing/stolen Sony NAB gear: while we continue to investigate, we can confirm that Sony’s NAB exhibit plans are unaffected and the show will go on, with all major equipment that’s planned to be displayed available and in place.

Sony Alpha Rumors quoted an anonymous source from a Sony partner company as saying:

I can confirm the truck was indeed stolen. I’m from a partner company that’s helping scramble in getting replacement supplies. I found out this morning and actually googled to see if there was any news reports online yet. Our products were also on the truck

In 2010, two Sony trucks were stolen in Ontario, Canada, which together contained over $1,000,000 of merchandise including PlayStation gear.

TV Tech Global is in contact with Sony and will report more details as we learn them.

Sony seems to get unlucky when North Korea is in the news. At the end of 2014, the company fell victim to a hack in which internal documents, including correspondence between executives and stars, was leaked. North Korea was blamed for the hack, but some in the industry have suggested it was executed by someone inside the company.