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HPA Tech Retreat UK 2016 audience
Neal Romanek
May 25th 2017 at 2:58PM : By Neal Romanek

This year's tech retreat will have a special focus on VR, AR, and MR

The second annual HPA Tech Retreat UK has released its initial conference programme. The HPA Tech Retreat is a two day long conference in the country which creatives and technologists to share ideas and information on filmmaking technologies.

This year's HPA Tech Retreat UK will have a focus on AI, cloud and working in augmented, virtual and mixed reality. The event will take place at Heythrop Park Resort in Oxfordshire

In addition to the main programme and the HPA "Supersession", a half-day TR-X session on augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) will be held on the first day of the retreat, 11 July. The TR-X session, entitled "The Reality of virtual, augmented, and mixed realities" will require separate registration

TR-X debuted earlier this year in California to a standing room only gathering of creatives and technical experts. Seth Hallen, president of HPA, noted, “We all hear extensive discussion of VR-AR-MR, yet there are few places where the hands-on, latest workflow from acquisition through delivery is explored. TR-X does that. The event is developed and overseen by experts who understand the real-world implications of the content and technologies and bring unique information to the programme.”

Day two of the Retreat will feature a Supersession, "The format explosion". The deep dive will feature Eric Pearson of Pixar Animation Studios discussing the detailed, collaborative work that goes into versioning their iconic movies. The session will explore the creative decisions about what to version, the nuances of tailoring movies to the cultures of local territories, and the technical hurdles facing the industry's most challenging version pipeline.

Following will be a session called "The supply chain explosion", which will feature industry leaders discussing how the huge number of formats and burgeoning data mining of content and audiences are affecting the supply chain". Speakers will include Jim Bottoms, executive director, MESA Europe

No big media tech conference is complete without a natural history presentation. The HPA Tech Retreat UK will host "Predicting the explosion in advance: Planet Earth II". The session will be an exploration of the BAFTA Award winning BBC wildlife series and the balance required to deliver a cutting-edge visual experience planned years in advance of the technology rollout. Speakers will include Andy Quested, Andrew Cotton and Andrew King of the BBC and (not an Andrew) Rob Drewett (read our interview with Rob Drewett here).

Another session will feature a close look at Woody Harrelson's groundbreaking live cinematic event Lost In London. "Exploding the format: Lost in London" will explore the creative and technical thinking behind a live movie experience and how this was achieved in a single take, with a single camera, while racing around busy central London – then streamed live to cinemas worldwide. Among the panellists will be Chris Brandic and Nick Fuller of Broadcast RF.?

The session "Exploding the archive" will look into the impact of the digital revolution on the content itself. The implementation of digital cinema has resulted in a history of films being unavailable to theatres unless converted to DCP format. Digital restoration makes films more accessible while offering the opportunity to enhance content using modern display technologies. Panellists, including Adrian Bull, CTO of Cinelabs, will discuss the benefits of restoration, whether this constitutes enhancement or ruins the authenticity of a film, monetisation of the archive, whether now is the right time to be restoring films and many more questions.


HPA is still accepting programme submissions at its website. Deadline for submissions is 30 May.



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