BAFTA's albert offers free sustainability training

albert sustainability training
Neal Romanek
June 7th 2016 at 10:06AM : By Neal Romanek

Training are being held in London throughout the summer

BAFTA's albert consortium is holding a series of sustainability trainings in London, free for the entire film & TV industry.

The course, which has run for nearly a year, delivers key messages on the impact of climate change and equips attendees with tools to take action and create more sustainable productions.

Originally designed as a collaborative project between MediaCityUK partners, BBC, ITV, Creative Skillset, Dock10 and Peel, the training covers:

  1. Climate change: what it is, what causes it, what the impacts are, how it can be prevented, how we can adapt to it, and the latest science 
  2. TV production industry: how it fits into national and global context, how businesses, the government, and individuals are responding 
  3. Action: what can be done and the positive impact they will have at home and in the office 
  4. Own carbon footprint: delegates will develop an understanding of how measuring carbon works from assessing their own outputs

Aaron Matthews, albert's industry sustainability manager said, “Our aim of supporting production companies and their sustainability initiatives by training has had a hugely positive response from the industry. Having a greater understanding of the issues and knowing what can be done has armed production staff with the skills and knowledge needed to further reduce our industry’s carbon emissions.”

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