Warner Bros TV Belgium gets new file-based workflow

Telestream Vantage
Neal Romanek
Post Production
June 1st 2016 at 3:28PM : By Neal Romanek

The new file-based system features Telestream's Vantage Media Processing Platform and MAM systems from Avid and CatDV

Warner Bros Belgium has begun using a transcode server, file-based content ingest platform and intelligent workflow automation system by Telestream.

Working with Belgian Systems Integrator, VP Media Solutions, Warner Bros International Television Production Belgium has established a file-based workflow at its Zaventem-based production facility where all ingest, transcoding, archiving, media asset management and storage are supported.

The file-based workflows were designed by Warner Bros engineers in collaboration with VP Media Solutions’ broadcast technology specialists. The new suystem integrates Telestream Vantage alongside production and MAM systems from Avid and CatDV, as well as an archive solution from Oracle/Archiware.

The new workflow was commissioned around the turn of the year and within weeks was tested on Warner Bros Thailand-based TV show Temptation Island. Over a four day period, the Vantage system was used to ingest all the rushes of the most recent series of the show, which comprised 30TB of data on at least 750 XDCAM HD discs - to the Avid Isis storage and the CatDV MAM.

All assets were re-wrapped from OP1a to OP-Atom during transfer to the correct Avid workspace. At the same time all files were transcoded to H.264 files and ingested in the CatDV MAM system for further browsing and logging. Loggers and directors could access all footage on-premise and also securely via the cloud.

VP Media Solutions’ engineers are extensively trained on Vantage, as a result they can use the toolkit to co-create a variety of workflows to suit specific production requirements. The ability to integrate the Telestream, Avid, CatDV and Archive systems seamlessly was critical to the efficient operation of the entire facility at Zaventem.

“We were facing short production timescales on this project, so the loggers, directors and editors needed to start immediately, and with as much coordination as possible,” explained Jens Clinckspoor, workflow designer at Warner Bros Belgium. “I have written a lot of workflows – both for content ingest and output – and I was very impressed by the speed, elegance and versatility of the Vantage platform, which saved us a lot of time in production.”