Tools On Air goes long with Linux

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Neal Romanek
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April 11th 2017 at 9:07AM : By Neal Romanek

The new just:in Linux offers more capabilities in a smaller form factor than the Mac version

ToolsOnAir has unveiled just:in linux, a hardware/software solution for Linux that can ingest multiple 4K video streams, as well as HD streams. As with the Mac version, just:in linux can automatically divide ingested video into multiple files, including timecode and file-naming, and settings can be saved as presets. Supported codecs in version 1.0 include ProRes, XDCAM HD422, AVC-I, and h.264.

The company says that just:in linux is more than a port of just:in for Mac. The two versions have the same user interface and can work in tandem, but just:in linux offers more capabilities in a smaller form factor because there is more powerful hardware available for the Linux platform than for Mac.

ToolsOnAir’s new system employs a single-rackspace appliance that can ingest up to eight channels of HD or two channels of 4K video. The computer sports two 10Gb (RJ45) network connections; two PCIe slots for video cards, fibre channel cards, a GPU, a RAID with replaceable hard drives; and a redundant power supply. An optional NVidia graphics-processing unit is available for generating the h.264 preview on the graphics card.

Software modules include the Linux engine, ToolsOnAir’s just:connect, a scheduling application, and the user interface. In just:connect, you can set up the video device properties, save capture and destination presets and use them on all channels, and create file-naming conventions.