Spain's Telefonica chooses Calrec Summa console for OB upgrade

Calrec Summa console with operator
Neal Romanek
Post Production
January 14th 2016 at 9:22AM : By Neal Romanek

Company wanted a "TV audio console" for broadcast flexibility

Spain's Telefonica Broadcast Services has upgraded its HD OB truck with a Calrec Summa console, making it one of the only companies in the Spanish OB market to offer a broadcast-specific audio console.

"We produce events for almost all major broadcasters in Spain, as well as foreign companies," said Luis Garcia Colombo, Telefonica OB audio engineer. "Today it's a football game. Tomorrow it will be basketball. After that we might broadcast an opera. We have to be able to manage any setup our clients require and guarantee their big productions will go to air with no problems." 

"The Summa ensures we can do it in a way that only a broadcast-grade desk can. We don't even have to think about whether we'll be able to handle the setup; we simply know that we can. It's easy to see that it's not just an audio console, but a TV audio console, and that gives us an edge in the market."

The Summa will make it possible for Telefonica to handle larger TV productions and puts the company in a better competitive position. The Summa features six layers of faders, six full bands of parametric EQ/filters on each channel, group and main path, two compressor/limiters, one expander/gate and sidechain EQ/filters on each channel, group and main path, four main outputs, eight groups, 32 track outputs, and 16 aux outputs. The console has independent DSP, routing and control processing and is fully integrable with any Hydra2 network.

Telefonica primarily covers sports and Champions League football in Spain and also uses Calrec's Soccer Sidekick iPad app, an assistive mixing tool that simplifies the job of tracking on-pitch audio during a football match. The operator uses the app to help calculate the optimal mic/fader configuration at any given moment, which makes it possible to capture important on-pitch events while minimising crowd and venue noise.