Resolve 14 adds collaboration, Fairlight audio and a 75% price cut

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 14
Neal Romanek
Post Production
April 26th 2017 at 3:32PM : By Neal Romanek

In addition to hypercharging the new Da Vinci resolve, Blackmagic has cut the price from $995 to only $299

Blackmagic Design has released DaVinci Resolve 14. The company is calling it "the biggest release in the history of the product". New features include a new audio post suite with built-in Fairlight audio and multi-user collaboration tools.

The upgrade includes a new high performance playback engine that the company claims makes the new version up to ten times faster than previous incarnations of the software. In addition to CPU and GPU optimisations, there is also improved threading and GPU pipelining, lower latency and faster UI refresh rates, as well as support for Apple Metal GPU technology. There is also new acceleration for processor intensive formats like H.264.

Fairlight audio

Fairlight audio is built into the application for recording, mixing and routing, as well as mastering to multiple formats including 5.1, 7.1 and even 22..2. The audio engine is designed to work with up to 192kHz 96bit audio and can deliver up to 1000 tracks with real time EQ, dynamics processing and plug-ins on every track when used with the Fairlight Audio Acclerator.

Fairlight audio can record up to to 96 channels while simultaneously playing back up to 150 audio channels. Clip time warping allows for stretching or compressing of audio without shifting pitch. In addition, every parameter can be automated, even VST plug ins, using a variety of automation modes.

DaVinci Resolve 14 works with the Fairlight Audio Accelerator card, which gives offers up to 1,000 zero latency tracks and real time effects processing for EQ, dynamics, and up to six VST plug ins per channel. Even without the accelerator, most computers can still process more than 60 tracks in real time. 

Collaboration tools

Newly introduced collaboration tools allow simultaneous editing, colour correction and audio post. A new bin, clip and timeline locking feature lets multiple users safely work on a part of a project without overwriting each other. The new version also features a secure chat client that allows users to communicate from within the software without the need for an external internet connection.

A new timeline comparison tool makes it easier to see identify and merge changes between timelines through side by side comparison of each change made between users. 

New editing features include new slip and slide trim commands. Editors can also save interface layout presets, view multiple bins at once and open multiple bin windows. New marker overlays, audio only and video only edit tools, track colours and subframe audio editing are also included. 

The upgrade includes over 20 new Resolve FX filters and a new face enhancement tool that automatically recognises and tracks facial featurs so colourists can smooth and adjust skin texture and tone, brighten eyes and even change lip colour. There are also new stabilisatioin, match move and other image processing tools. 

“The overwhelming success of DaVinci Resolve has been incredibly exciting. It has become the world’s fastest growing editing system and now we’re taking it to the next level with DaVinci Resolve 14,” said Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty. “With this new version, we didn’t want to do an incremental update. We wanted to make a large leap forward and break new ground. It’s also much more exciting for the whole engineering team here at Blackmagic Design! We are really excited about how quickly editors are switching and we hope that a new generation of audio engineers will enter the industry. Together, we can all work to continue making it the best editing, color correction and now audio software in the world!”

New price point

Blackmagic Design has also reduced the price for DaVinci Resolve Studio from $995 to only $299.

The free version of DaVici Resolve is available with the new editing and audio post production features. The $299 DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio version adds the collaborative multi-user tools, new Resolve FX including face enhancement, 4K and 120fps project support, stereoscopic 3D, optical quality blur and mist effects, film grain, and de-noise tools.

Blackmagic Design has also announced a new worldwide training and certification program, along with certified curriculum for DaVinci Resolve. 

A public beta of the project is now available for download.