Quicklink brings Skype to broadcasters

Quicklink TX
Neal Romanek
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August 16th 2017 at 12:40PM : By Neal Romanek

The company's new Quicklink TX Duo allows broadcasters to manage two simultaneous incoming Skype calls

Quicklink will be showing its Skype TX call transceivers at IBC2017. The Quicklink TX is a Skype video call management system, designed in partnership with Microsoft and enables professional reception and transmission of multiple Skype video calls through an SDI and HDMI interface.

The Quicklink Skype TX unit can receive from and send to any video enabled device running Skype and is available in the following options:

  • Quicklink TX Multi – up to 4 incoming calls, 1 switchable SDI input/output
  • Quicklink TX Duo – 2 incoming calls, 2 SDI input/output
  • Quicklink TX Quad – 4 incoming calls, 4 SDI input/output

The newly released Quicklink TX Duo is a 19in 1U rack mounted system that allows broadcasters to manage two simultaneous Skype calls to be processed as 2 SDI/NDI outputs.

The Quicklink TX Quad, a 19in 2U rack mounted system is available with a "high availability" option, which includes a dual power supply, raided swappable front-loading drives and system monitoring with alert notification via SMS/SNMP/email, for extra redundancy and resilience.

Along with the Quicklink TX, the company's Remote Communicator, Mobile Encoder and Standard Playout Server will be shown by on display at the show.