Quantum will debut new solutions for 4K workflows

Quantum Xcellis
Neal Romanek
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March 31st 2017 at 10:02AM : By Neal Romanek

Quantum will also show new capabilities for StorNext-powered collaborative workflows

Quantum is unveiling new 4K Xcellis reference architectures, scaled for facilities of all sizes. The new Xcellis solutions will make their debut at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

In testing, say Quantum, all Xcellis solutions "easily handled" intense 4K workloads. Testing included characterisation of large- and small-form-factor disk drives, a variety of array configurations and a full complement of compressed and uncompressed 4K formats. The resulting reference architectures have been tuned to deliver predictable stream count workloads for the full range of 4K formats.

Quantum will also demonstrate how Xcellis leverages the power of StorNext and the performance of all-flash arrays to get the most out of both technologies.

Quantum will also showcase new capabilities that allow multiple StorNext-powered collaborative workflows located anywhere around the world to access the same archive target. As a result, say Quantum, any user within a StorNext environment can access, browse and pull files from the shared archive.

The company will highlight its newly released FlexTier cloud access feature, which is designed to make it easy to integrate existing public cloud storage accounts and third-party object storage (private cloud) into a StorNext environment and into familiar media workflows. FlexTier currently supports Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, NetApp StorageGRID, IBM Cleversafe and Scality RING as archive tiers.