Primestream's media management platform now supports 4K and VR

Primestream Xchange
Neal Romanek
Post Production
April 6th 2017 at 11:35AM : By Neal Romanek

The platform has been updated with an enhanced user interface, 4K/UHD workflow, VR/360 asset management and web-based metadata tagging

Primestream will show the latest version of its Dynamic Media Management platform which will feature updates of FORK asset management and Xchange Suite.

The platform has been updated with an enhanced user interface, 4K/UHD workflow, VR/360 asset management, web-based metadata tagging, an updated Adobe Premiere Pro extension panel with project-centric workflows, and archival workflows for storing and restoring media from Amazon and SwiftStack object-based storage. 

It's hoped a new project-centric workflow will allow for easier collaboration on projects inside Xchange, or via the Xchange extension panel within Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Users can now organise raw footage or switch between proxy and high-res source material for remote/offsite editing.

Other improvements to Xchange include support for new Equirectangular VR/360-Asset Management, enabling media playback and review, with spatial/360 visual marker annotations to highlight areas of interest in a 360° space. Xchange has also added a new module for creating playlists of media assets and exporting for delivery to VOD solutions.

Primestream will also demo Xchange Workspaces, a new module for building and customising the graphical user interface (GUI) to suite individual work habits. Users can also enrich content with Workspaces’ built-in metadata tagging engine that integrates with metadata sources such as the Associated Press industry-leading metadata platform.

Primestream will highlight new integrations with third-party vendors such as Amazon S3 and SwiftStack for object-based storage, Baton by Interra for file-based quality control, Aspera and FileCatalyst for high-speed file transfers, Elemental and Telestream for seamless transcoding, alongside enhancements to NLE integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Apple Final Cut Pro X.