Norwia to offer upgrades for SDI to IP transition

Norwia MiniHUB-1RU-8-2
Neal Romanek
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August 1st 2017 at 11:06AM : By Neal Romanek

The company will be exhibiting a variety of solutions at IBC2017 focusing on optical solutions for SDI to IP

Norwegian optical transport company Norwia AS will be offering new products for the SDI to IP transition, including a "hybrid transport platform" which the company claims will offer greater flexibility at lower costs.

New technology on display will include the MiniHUB-1RU-8-2 (pictured), which is based on the company's existing MiniHUB concept. The new MiniHUB-1RU-8-2 is a dual layer frame that increases the density of the 1RU footprint while still incorporating the flexibility of the original MiniHUB design. The new frame prioritises SDI in one layer, with the remaining layer designed for IP or wavelength shifting, Ethernet or MADI distribution.

Norwia will also release an update to its RCONmini interface, which will enable both simple bi-directional conversion from SDI to IP via fibre as well as the multiplexing of up to 18 IP data streams into a single fibre stream. This update will also incorporate a standardisation of SMPTE 2022-6 with upgrade paths to SMPTE 2110 and HDR.

The company's SMC camera Interface range will also expand this year to include Grass Valley and Panasonic cameras plus several other camera control units (CCU). The expansion will include a new version of the SMPTE media converters to transport camera based SMPTE signals from the camera to both OB trucks or over longer distances to studios. When paired with its miniHUB optical transport platform, Norwia are aiming to simplify remote production with an end-to-end optical solution.

Norwia will also exhibit a 10G electrical to optical solution for the miniHUB frame. The 10G electrical Ethernet solution can be transported on Norwia’s range of 10G approved optics that include standard 1310 optics or CWDM optics for multiplexing. The 10G electrical to optical converter provides a way of handling 10G data circuits while giving level optical signal measurements. The 10G solution form Norwia also provides bridging options from IT networks to broadcast networks while successfully transiting the demarcation of both networks.