New UHD multiviewers, switchers from Apantac

Apantac T# multiviewer - 4RU
Neal Romanek
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January 26th 2017 at 11:13AM : By Neal Romanek

At the upcoming ISE show in Amsterdam, the company will release several 4K compatible products

Apantac will be introducing new UHD compatible products at next month's ISE 2017 in Amsterdam.

The company's new 4K multiviewer, the MiniDE-4-UHD, can display up to four sources at a time among the six inputs on a single UHD monitor or projector. It aims to be a cost-effective and high performance entry into a 4K/UHD multi-image display solution for a variety of audio visual environments including board rooms, digital signage and control rooms. Users can mix input resolutions and sources all the way up to 4K on a single display.

The 4K multiviewer has four HDMI inputs, one VGA input, one DisplayPort input, one analog audio input, one HDMI output and one DisplayPort output as well as an analog audio output. The MiniDE-4-UHD accepts SD, HD and up to 4K at 60Hz input resolutions. The output resolution can be set for 1280x720p at 60Hz, 1920x1080p at 60Hz or 3840x2160p at 30Hz or 60Hz, all with 4:4:4 colour sampling. There are six predefined and eight customised possible screen layouts. PIP and POP modes are also supported. Control and configuration is handled through a web interface, Ethernet, and RS232. 

UHD added to T# Multiviewer

The company is also adding UHD output capability to its modular and multiformat T# ("T sharp") Multiviewer. At ISE 2017, Apantac will demo a T# Multiviewer with one UHD output and four HD outputs. The UHD output will be displayed on a large 2x2 46in monitor stack and on one UHD DP 1.2 monitor. 

The four RU chassis of the T# has two slots for output boards. Each output board can be set to provide four HD outputs or a single UHD output – RGB 4:4:4 at 3840x2106 at 50/60 Hz. It is also possible to display the UHD picture on a 2x2 HD monitor stack. Different rear output modules are available to provide a mix of HDMI, HDMI over CAT 6, HDBaseT, SDI or fibre signals.

The chassis has eight input slots that accept a mix of various input boards. Depending on the input board model, various input formats are accepted: traditional broadcast video signals from composite to 4K/UHD over copper or fiber, HDMI/DVI signals and video over ASI/IP (MPEG4/2 and H.264).

The T# Multiviewers Series can display up to 64 different sources on up to eighjt screens. The source PIPs (picture in picture) can be duplicated as many times as needed to the various outputs.

New 4K up/down-converter

Apantac will also launch its new HDMI 2.0 4K/UHD up/down-converter. The HDM2.0-UHD-UDC down-converts HDMI 4K/UHD signals to HDMI 1080P or up-converts HDMI 1080P signals to HDMI 4K/UHD. The compact module can fit behind a monitor and is mounted magnetically or in a rack mount environment. 

New matrix switchers

The company will also launch a new HDMI 2.0 4x4 and a new HDMI 2.0 6x2 Matrix Switcher.

The HDM2.0-4x4 is a 4x4 matrix switcher and the HDM2.0-6x2 is a 6x2 matrix switcher, with bi-directional, duplex IR pass-through.They support HDMI 2.0 signals with resolutions up to 4Kx2K at 60Hz 8 bit or 1080p at 60Hz 12-bit and also support 3D pass through and embedded high definition audio. The matrices are HDCP compliant, support HDR and EDID management. The matrix can also be configured and controlled via TCP/IP and RS232.