New Pixit storage for small to medium-size studios

Pixit Pixstor
Neal Romanek
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October 12th 2016 at 12:09PM : By Neal Romanek

PixStor One is available in capacities up to 130TB

Storage solutions company Pixit Media has launched PixStor One, a new data storage solution for small to medium sized media studios.

Designed to meet the requirements of studios for teams of up to 20 artists, PixStor One uses the same file system and features as the company’s widely adopted PixStor in a smaller scale NAS (network-attached storage). 

PixStor One is available in capacities up to 130TB in a 4U form factor offering up to 1.0GB/s sustained. The storage solution aims to be easy to integrate and be an economically effective complete solution. PixStor One is exclusively purchased through Pixit’s reseller channel.

A choice of drive sizes provides different capacities with dual 10GbE network connectivity. Drive sizes are:

  • 26TB Usable Capacity utilising 1.2TB 10K SAS HDD
  • 44TB Usable Capacity utilising 2TB 7200 NL SAS HDD
  • 65TB Usable Capacity utilising 3TB 7200 NL SAS HDD
  • 87TB Usable Capacity utilising 4TB 7200 NL SAS HDD
  • 130TB Usable Capacity utilising 6TB 7200 NL SAS HDD

“Some facilities who aren’t large enough to warrant the need for the capacity or the initial spend of PixStor are missing out on the solid, day-in, day-out, reliable performance PixStor delivers," said Jez Tucker, head of research and development at Pixit Media. "Such studios require a more affordable, smaller, robust platform and we’ve responded by introducing the PixStor One."