Nevion Sublime X2 routers now support 4K/UHD

Nevion Sublime X2 routers 32x32 and 64x64
Neal Romanek
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October 13th 2016 at 12:50PM : By Neal Romanek

A software upgrade allows the Sublime X2 to route and process UHD/4K streams provided as four synchronised 3G signals

Nevion's Sublime X2 family of hybrid compact routers will now be able to process and route quad-stream UHD/4K, in addition to SD, HD and 3G signals. The processing capabilities provided by the Sublime X2 include audio embedding, clean-switching and line synchronised quad-stream alignment.
Nevion’s Sublime X2 is a family of hybrid compact video and audio routers with redundant cross-point technology, a redundant controller and a multi-core signal processor. It is currently available in 32x32 and 64x64 sizes.

The latest software upgrade for the Sublime X2 provides the means to route and process UHD/4K streams provided as four synchronised 3G signals, as is typically the case with current UHD/4K equipment such as cameras and mixers. The Sublime X2 can handle UHD/4K and 3G/HD/SD simultaneously through sectioning of the ports, allowing for a variety of routing configurations – both square (where the number of inputs matches the number the outputs) and non-square. Configurations can be changed on the fly without interrupting the unaffected signals.
"We launched the Sublime X2, the world’s first hybrid compact router with signal processing capabilities in 2015," said Nevion's chief product and development officer, Johnny Dolvik. "Like much of Nevion’s equipment, the Sublime X2 was designed to have a large part of its functionality based on software, which enables us to upgrade its capabilities without the need to change hardware. This offers a very strong return on investment case for our customers, and the addition of UHD/4K support proves the point clearly.”