Masstech MAM gets upgrades

Masstech MAM user interface
Neal Romanek
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March 9th 2017 at 9:35AM : By Neal Romanek

Masstech has also expanded support for Amazon S3 and other S3 API-compatible cloud services

Masstech will showcase its upgraded cloud solutions at the upcoming NAB show, including its new CloudFlex technology. CloudFlex enables hybrid workflows for tasks such as transcoding, processing media primarily on-premises and 'bursting' into the cloud dynamically.

Masstech MAM solutions already include support for unstructured metadata, enabling documents such as production scripts to be associated with media assets and fully searched. A new functionality can identify core concepts within these attachments, creating structured metadata that can be used to find, sort and group content.

Two new enhancements will automate the creation of rich metadata for MAM and newsroom users, making stored content easier to find and sort and reduce the need for manual metadata entry. A new speech-to-text capability converts dialogue within media clips to indexed text, enabling automated tagging and categorisation of the assets.

Users of Avid's MediaCentral|UX integration provides access to all of Masstech's MAM functionality within the MediaCentral framework. A re-engineered transfer engine delivers fast transfer speeds for moving content into and out of the Avid Interplay platform. MassStore can also now extract and store metadata such as markers from Avid assets.

Integration in news environments has also been enhanced, with an updated, HTML5-based plug-in for third-party newsroom computer systems that brings the Masstech MAM interface, searching and video manipulation capabilities to NRCS users. The Masstech solution is also highly interoperable with the SAM News Solution from Snell Advanced Media.

The company will also be expanding its cloud storage technology support with  integration with Amazon S3 and services such as Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) that are compatible with the industry-standard S3 API.

"The cloud offers attractive collaboration, scalability and sustainability benefits, and the declining costs of cloud hosting and storage enable both established and startup media organizations to take advantage of those opportunities,” said Mike Palmer, VP of business strategy at Masstech. "We're excited to now offer the option for customers to manage, process and archive their content in the Cloud."

Masstech NRCS plug in

Updated HTML5-based plug-in for third-party newsroom computer systems

(shown here within AP ENPS)