Managing content in an all-UHD environment

TERN workflow for Insight TV
Neal Romanek
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August 10th 2017 at 3:06PM : By Neal Romanek

When UHD adventure channel Insight TV decided they had enough of spreadsheets, they looked to Prime Focus Technologies for help with a new MAM system

TERN International’s Insight TV brings compelling programmes to viewers globally, through linear and non-linear platforms. With over 500 hours of original Ultra HD content a year, the global extreme adventure entertainment channel takes the viewer on an incredible journey to explore and interact with stories. The range of programming demonstrates the best of Ultra HD; from beautiful, vivid cinematography to high-speed action.

Business context

Insight TV collaborates with various renowned, international production houses to create original Ultra HD content. Coordinating each of these projects through the production process required a great deal of manual effort on the part of Insight TV’s staff.

Each show was managed using a separate spreadsheet, and there was a distinct lack of visibility as to the status of deliverables. The team had to spend a lot of time and effort tracking late deliveries, retrieving assets and downloading content from a variety of disparate sources.

This manual approach was having a negative impact on Insight TV’s operational costs and speed of delivery. The organisation identified the need for an end-to-end solution for supply chain management that would help enhance efficiencies, reduce costs and achieve faster time-to-market.

PFT solution

Insight TV deployed PFT’s Clear Broadcast Cloud to automate the content supply chain and centralise workflow orchestration from ingest to delivery of the final UHD TX Master. Clear is a hybrid cloud-enabled Media ERP Suite, and its Broadcast Cloud module is specifically designed to support end-to-end broadcast operations–from creation to transformation, distribution and exhibition. The deployment included the following:

  • Work order administration for each project, with automated reminders and notifications to the concerned team member/vendor
  • Dashboards to track the status of all deliveries against due dates • Easy-to-use interface for accessing content anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Customised review and approval module to automate the process of sharing feedback with production houses
  • Media Player to handle UHD content in its native frame rate of 50fps, retaining frame accuracy throughout the review and approval process, even when accessed through mobile apps
  • Secure ingest of content directly on the Cloud • Metadata tagging of rushes
  • Auto QC of TX masters using Baton, a leading QC solution
  • Centralisation of data from third party solutions such as Insight TV’s playout vendor, displaying their QC status alongside other internal metadata • Deep archival of content with the ability to view and restore library assets remotely
  • Integration with Insight TV’s Broadcast Management System (BMS) - What’sOn
  • A series of workflows to handle raw footage, specially designed to increase monetisation opportunities for UHD content


Clear Broadcast Cloud helped Insight TV centralise its content operations by bringing the entire ecosystem of production houses and vendors onto a single system. The solution’s Hybrid Cloud architecture played a vital role in managing distributed workflows, and enabled Insight TV to seamlessly collaborate with vendors across the world for 15 concurrent productions. This meant that the team was able to focus on creative excellence rather than managing logistics.

Clear’s dashboards provided increased transparency for end-to-end content operations across Insight TV’s content supply chain, enabling them to be much more aggressive with delivery schedules. Data from the dashboards could also be studied to understand supply chain trends and improve operational processes.

Additionally, the frame-accurate feedback provided to production houses helped Insight TV streamline review and approval processes, as their comments could be exported along with EDLs and imported directly onto the edit table. Deep archiving content in a centralized repository also helped Insight TV reduce costs, as they no longer had to maintain content backups in various locations.

Building on the success of this implementation, Insight TV is on the threshold of entering the second phase of engagement with PFT. The focus will now be on deploying Clear’s revolutionary Promo Operations Module – an industry first solution that offers end-to-end business process orchestration for promo creation including versioning automation.