Imagen asset management upgrade to debut at BVE

Imagen 5
Neal Romanek
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February 15th 2017 at 10:11PM : By Neal Romanek

Version 5 of the platform features upgraded ingest tools

Imagen will debuty the newest version of its Imagen Enterprise Video Platform at BVE 2017 in London this month. The upgade to Imagen 5 has been designed with a focus on improved speeds and creating a more agile platform for media managers.

New features introduced in Imagen 5 include optimised ingest tools for rapid content onboarding, new payment models which allow customers to license clips using micro credit payments and high speed fulfilment of high resolution content. New language localisation features allow for greater opportunity to reach global audiences.

The Premier League, Channel 4, Endemol and IMG use Imagen to manage, distribute and commercialise legacy and near live content. Other Imagen clients include the British Ministry of Defence, Channel 4, The Press Association, ATP Media, the BBC, ITN, Imperial War Museums, IMG, Endemol, and the British Library.

Imagen CEO Tom Blake said, “It has always been our mission at Imagen to help content owners efficiently manage the vast amount of media they need to handle on a daily basis – and extract the maximum value from that content. Content libraries are growing exponentially, and storing, cataloguing and distributing video is a constant challenge for media managers. By assisting content owners to keep on top of content they already own, and have incoming, on a daily basis, Imagen 5 implements a unique set of processes and technical expertise to ensure that video is managed in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. As the sheer amount of video data grows throughout the world, Imagen will continually strive to create a platform that can create revenue from legacy and near live video – as well as helping to make the management of any size video library as simple as possible.”