Igloo Vision debuts new 8K display for 360 video

Neal Romanek
Post Production
September 13th 2017 at 3:56PM : By Neal Romanek

At IBC2017, the display is being demoed with a live 360° video stream

Igloo Vision, UK makers of immersive and 360 screen technology, believes they are offering the world's first 360 degree 8K monitor.

The monitor, housed inside one of Igloo's signature projection domes, will allow content creators and developers to work on 360 content without having to wear VR headsets. It also gives production teams the opportunity to work collaboratively on immersive content on a larger scale, just as a team would on any dubbing stage. 

At its boothin the IBC Future Zone, Igloo Vision is live-streaming 360° 8K content from at IBC, with footage captured by a miniEYE 360 camera rig. NewTek's NDI plug-in for Adobe Creative Cloud allows the sending of full-resolution, real-time video across the network.

“VR headsets deliver a fantastic immersive experience,” says Igloo founder Colin Yellowley. “But they’re not suited to prolonged use and can get in the way of effective teamwork. An Igloo 360° 8K monitor provides the best of both worlds – an immersive experience in a shared space.”

Igloo Vision is also showing off its six-metre projection dome, which lends itself to pop-up, road-show-type events involving immersive experiences.