IBC Tech Review: SAM LiveTouch 4K

SAM LiveTouch 4K
Carolyn Giardina
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September 23rd 2016 at 11:11AM : By

SAM's new 4K sports replay system will be available in October

SAM (Snell Advanced Media) launched LiveTouch 4K at IBC, a new UHD sports replay and highlights system.

Built on the latest SAM server architecture, the system is designed to enable collaborative 4K workflows in standalone systems or integrated into a wider production environment.

Additionally, multiple servers can be pooled together allowing LiveTouch to scale to larger 4K productions.

“These larger LiveTouch zones can be treated as a single multi-camera production bank, allowing instant access to more cameras and feeds than any other system,” according to SAM. 

LiveTouch is also integrated with SAM’s 4K editors, eliminating the need to move media and breaking the link between replay and editing workflows. LiveTouch is slated for availability in October.