How Loft London used Base Media Cloud for media storage and migration

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Neal Romanek
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January 19th 2016 at 11:50AM : By Neal Romanek

Cloud storage system was key for Loft's move to new facility

Digital media and post facility Loft London recently migrated their entire operation from Chiswick in London to a new purpose built location into the center of London at St Johns Wood. The company selected Base Media Cloud as their lead technical partner to provide secure, fast, cloud based storage to migrate ongoing content and media projects between the two locations.

BASE Media Cloud has provided a dedicated 50 Terabytes of mirrored disc backup storage, securely hosted in a Tier 3 (ISO27001) Vodafone data centre in the UK. BASE Media Cloud solutions are hosted in the UK with Vodafone Cloud & Hosting Services. 250mb/s of private bandwidth was allocated between sites and data was transferred with file acceleration using Signiant software. In addition, BASE Media Cloud provided a physical data migration service to copy, transport and securely ingest media from a large capacity storage array directly from Loft London to the BASE Media Cloud data centre.

All key data was securely backed up in multiple copies within a government-grade secure facility, ten miles from west London with BASE Media Cloud providing a specialist data management and storage service for the company. Loft London could instantly access their media, on demand, from a dedicated Signiant web portal and retrieve their assets with no additional egress charges.

Davide Maglio, CSMO and co-Founder of Loft London said, “During the planning of our build in St Johns Wood and the migration from Chiswick, we were faced with the challenge of securely migrating active media projects from one location to the other with the minimal amount of risk. We explored many options from disk, tape and cloud; that allowed flexibility and instant access due to the nature of our clients’ demands. Having worked with many cloud based solutions over the years this option came to the fore.

"Within 36 hours of our initial conversation with the team at BASE Media Cloud, a solution was soon established, and our technical and operational teams not only had portal logins, but also had completed both training and Q&A sessions. Due to the timelines a transport drive was also made available. Content was successfully moved within the time frame and at all times Operations had access to the content when required. BASE Media Cloud has now become an important part of our platform that now allows Loft London’s platform to expand and contract when required. “ 

Loft London new location, St Johns Wood

“Our team at BASE Media Cloud is made up of media production, post and delivery people, so we know what it’s like, on the ground for production teams, facilities and distributors," said Base Media Cloud founder and managing director Ben Foakes. "When Loft London needed a fast turnaround service, without any hassle, we jumped at the opportunity to help. Companies working in production, post and distribution are finding it more and more difficult to predict capacity for in-house equipment and resources, especially as we move closer to full-blown 4K delivery. BASE Media Cloud act as a partner to our clients, like a flexible extension of their in- house infrastructure. “