How Aframe works: A technical overview

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November 26th 2015 at 12:34PM

Aframe is a cloud video production and asset management platform used to streamline the management and storage of video and accompanying data while enabling collaboration from any location.

Aframe is a cloud video production and asset management platform used by businesses to streamline their management and storage of video and accompanying data while enabling collaboration between disparate teams from any location.

Whether sharing video in the building, or across the globe, content creators rely on Aframe to provide a central repository that all team members and stakeholders can access. Media is tagged, shared, reviewed and approved, all within one simple cross platform interface.

Aframe was designed from the ground up to be the central hub into which high resolution video flows. Once-distinct phases of content acquisition, media asset management, content creation and delivery are now linked. Effective collaboration between internal stakeholders and external partners, affiliates and suppliers can happen seamlessly in Aframe’s simple yet powerful cloud platform.

There are some things that Aframe is not, and it’s just as important to state those facts, as it is to state the myriad benefits.

  • Aframe is not a long-term archive solution for media to be shelved and simply stored. Aframe’s value proposition is that the storage and infrastructure is designed to enable access to media immediately across a wide area. It’s built for “work in progress” workflows, to enable disparate teams to collaborate in new ways.
  • Aframe is not a “personal cloud” or “hybrid cloud” solution that organizations install themselves on premises. This would negate one of the most important benefits of a true cloud system–having a zero capital expense and additional expenses for continued scalability.
  • Aframe does not index and search local storage systems. This is arguably not a cloud workflow, and would deny many of the aforementioned benefits.

When evaluating solutions, it’s important that they pass the “straight-face test” and deliver maximum benefits expected from a properly architected cloud platform:

  • How much does an organization spend in FedEx charges each year? • How much are reccurring costs for hard drives used to shuttle media around the organization? • How much is being paid for upload and download bandwidth?
  • Do we have to invest in hardware that will require maintenance and support? • Can we stop buying local storage every year and make use of what we have? • Can we scale our capabilities instantly during peak demand?
  • How fast can we get data to and from the cloud?
  • Are review and approval workflows well integrated?
  • Is all metadata maintained throughout every workflow?
  • Can the team get access from any browser-based device?

Mission Statement Aframe’s mission is to provide content creators and owners with the ability to maximize the value of their content, and in doing so extend its reach across a wider group and over an extended period. Aframe aims to do this by:

  1. Making content accessible to all those who need it
  2. Making content easier to find for those who need it
  3. Making content more useful by increasing format flexibility
  4. Simplifying the process of storing and securing content
  5. Improving remote collaboration in professional video contexts
  6. Linking phases of the workflow through one central platform...


Download the full white paper HERE.