Free version of Baselight grading software announced

Neal Romanek
Post Production
April 18th 2017 at 3:53PM : By Neal Romanek

Interested users must register and be eligible to become a part of the Baselight Learning Programme to obtain a licence

Filmlight will release a free version of their Baselight grading software, called Baselight Student.

Baselight Student, available only on Mac OSX is a fully functional version of the Baselight software – with GPU rendering – that runs on any supported Mac platform. This includes support for an optional control surface, like FilmLight’s Slate panel, and even SDI monitoring. 

The Student application is restricted to render out only h.264 movies or JPEG images. With no watermarking, this will allow the software to create academic-year projects within the limitation of the delivery formats. The software will retain conform capability, colour space handling, format editing and the ability to render both image sequences and movie files.

While the new application is free, interested parties must register and be eligible to become a part of the Baselight Learning Programme to obtain a licence. FilmLight will initially talk to participants to assess individual needs and then provide them with a free licence for the appropriate length of time, along with practice material they can use for practice. FilmLight will also develop regular video tutorials and live best-practice webinars for members of the Baselight Learning Programme.

“We’ve had growing requests from freelance colourists and creative artists for this product,” explained FilmLight founder and CEO, Steve Chapman. “But we don’t just want to hand out a free piece of software and walk away. We want to work with training institutions and the creatives to make sure that they have the right resources and support to achieve their goals.”

“We’ve reached pretty far with our team of in-house trainers but it just isn’t physically possible for everyone to access face-to-face training with FilmLight product specialists,” said Chapman. “With the growing popularity of the BLG metadata workflow, and the forthcoming release 5.0 across our product line, this grading software provides a unique opportunity for everyone to get a handle on Baselight’s advanced colour tools as used by top-notch artists everywhere.”