Envy Post will use iZotope RX for audio repair

Ross Millership, dubbing mixer, Envy Post Production
Neal Romanek
Post Production
March 16th 2016 at 2:05PM : By Neal Romanek

The London post house looks forward to fewer ADR requirements, more production audio used with new software

London-based post house, Envy Post has integrated the iZotope RX audio repair and enhancement suite throughout its facility. Largely Avid-based by customer demand, the work in Envy’s 110 offline edit suites feed through to sound editors and mixers in 12 Pro Tools audio studios.

"It's easy to point to the really poor audio that RX has helped us save and drastically improve. But I'm equally as impressed by the quality and transparency of the subtle changes we can make with RX across the whole programme,” said Ross Millership (pictured), dubbing mixer at Envy. “To have such control on the smallest things and for it to be so intuitive is amazing and lets us do what we just couldn't do before.

"In a world where we're asked to do more and more in the time we have, efficiency is really important all the way through the audio chain," continued Millership. "For example, with documentaries, getting good room tone or fill is sometimes very difficult, so our sound editors use the RX Advanced Ambience Match feature to give decent room tone if clean room tone from the sound recordist or within handles isn't available or appropriate. It saves the sound editor time trying other means to create room tone, like the convolution reverb technique which doesn't give the same quality of results as RX. This gives them more time for other things, making the overall programme better to mix. It might not sound very glamorous, but room tone is very important.

"RX is able to give us better results, quicker. As always, time is money so I think it definitely helps with costs and overall value we can add. In my experience the amount of ADR we record has reduced considerably since we started using RX. Although this helps with cost too, more importantly, it's the benefit of having the option of actually using the original recordings, which more often than not are better to use."