Edit 8K on your laptop with UltraPix

Comprimato UltraPix debug info in Premiere
Neal Romanek
Post Production
April 18th 2017 at 11:42AM : By Neal Romanek

Comprimato's new codec allows for easy editing of source files at any resolution

Video compression and transcoding solutions company Comprimato has launched UltraPix, a simple video plug-in for popular post-production tools. The release brings proxy-free, auto-setup workflows for Ultra HD, VR and more on any hardware running Adobe Premiere Pro CC. 

Comprimato UltraPix is a multi-platform video processing plug-in for instant video resolution in real-time. It is a available for OS X, Windows and Linux systems. UltraPix allows for resolution independent post production, using JPEG 2000 compression to allow easy access to video files of any resolution. File rendering and transcoding are not needed on existing storage, and editors can seamlessly switch between 4K, 8K, Full HD, HD or lower resolutions anytime. UltraPix allows files to be used at a size whatever size the hardware can accommodate.

"You can buy a lot of storage, but your problem is still the speed of your system in being able to edit and process the video," Comprimato founder and CEO, Jirí Matela told TV Tech Global. "UltraPix allows you to work with 8K video, using your laptop. Adn we'll be showing demos at NAB where I'll be editing 8K on my MacBook quite easily.

"We've optimised the codec for both the CPU and GPU, and since UltraPix is based on JPEG 2000 compression we we have an autoproxy feature where, on the fly, people can change the resolution of their video with one click. What you're doing is decoding just a smal part of the original file, which saves your resources and allows you to work with hi-res video on pretty much any hardware you have. JPEG 2000 was designed for high bit-depth, high resolution images, so there's no problem with working in HDR too."

UltraPix plug-ins are currently available for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Foundry Nuke and will be available on other leading post-production and VFX tools later this year.