Brazil's TV Cultura upgrades for news

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Neal Romanek
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July 20th 2017 at 2:56PM : By Neal Romanek

The channel has installed new Grass Valley equipment

Brazillian network TV Cultura has upgraded its production studios. The Sao Paulo-based company has incorporated two Grass Valley K2 Summit 3G Production Clients, attached to a K2 Production SAN storage system. It has also upgraded its existing Grass Valley GV Stratus and Edius solutions, and migrated the network to a fibre channel.

TV Cultura hopes to enhance its ability to deliver news content by using GV Stratus to manage its four servers and 12 total channels. GV Stratus is designed to handle the content creation and delivery process across multiple digital media platforms, and the high volume of user-generated content (UGC), and integrate with popular social media platforms.  

Grass Valley's Edius Workgroup 8 will offer TV Culturea the ability to edit in multiple formats and resolutions, allowing for easier integration of user-generated content. The editing software offers real-time, no-render editing of most SD, HD and 4K formats. GV Stratus and Edius are also fully integrated with K2 Production SAN Storage and K2 Summit 3G Production Clients for more efficient content storage.

This latest upgrade is part of a long collaboration with Grass Valley. In 2015, TV Cultura purchased six nes LDX Flex cameras with XCU base stations from the company.

“TV Cultura has a reputation for being a broadcast pioneer. To uphold that standard, we’re always finding ways to better our facilities and production solutions in ways that make sense for the long term,” said Gilvani Moletta, engineering and technology director, TV Cultura. “Our Grass Valley solutions were already working for us, so an upgrade was the natural next step to ensure that we’re using the best tools in the best way, optimally and efficiently.”