Belgian channel SiA gets SAM Kahuna switchers

SAM Kahuna switcher
Neal Romanek
Post Production
January 28th 2016 at 1:52PM : By Neal Romanek

SiA will use the SAM switcher technology for ‘multi live’ sports programme viewing

Skynet iMotion Activities (SiA) has deployed two Kahuna 9600 production switchers with accompanying Maverik control panels from Snell Advanced Media (SAM) to support SiA’s Multi Live sports program. This will allow delivery of multiple live matches (up to eight) to viewers on one screen, along with commentary and highlight analysis. The deal was overseen by VP Media Solutions.

The Kahuna 9600 is part of SAM’s Kahuna production switcher range, which is fully IP enabled. The Maverik panel can be reconfigured for each individual production for greater control and design.

SiA, based in Belgium, produces more than 700 live programs annually, including Belgian football matches. All of its content is offered on Proximus TV and broadcast on its own channels, which are exclusive to the Proximus TV platform. Proximus TV is a service of the Proximus Group that provides digital TV services over its own IPTV platform in Belgium. With the addition of the Kahuna switchers, SiA will produce Multi Live in two languages simultaneously to support its wide and growing customer base.

Christophe Anrys, solutions and application manager at SiA, commented, “Live sports is a highly competitive market, so our programming needs to be top-notch. We chose the Kahuna because it has the tools we need to increase our functionality and broaden our production capabilities. By purchasing two Kahunas with Maverik, we now have a total of 24 keys — all of which we use to display our picture-in-picture (PiP) effect to our viewers. Kahuna also lets us play clips directly with sound, which means we don’t need an external player. With the Maverik control panels, we can design the panel to fit our specific needs, so we have quick and easy access to things like custom thumbnails. These creative options are exactly what we were looking for in a switcher, including the option of moving toward IP in the future.”

“Video switchers are essential to the success of any broadcast production, especially a live sports broadcast," said Tim Felstead, head of product marketing at SAM. "The fact that SiA has entrusted SAM with its Multi Live program is a testament to the reliability and speed of the Kahuna Maverik. We’re delighted that SiA is harnessing the power of our Kahuna Maverik to bring enhanced programming to its viewers.”