Barnfind products make European debut

Barnfind breakout panel
Neal Romanek
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August 10th 2017 at 10:42AM : By Neal Romanek

The Norwegian signal transport company will show a number of upgrades

Barnfind will be giving a host of new products their European debut at next month's IBC show.

The latest products are designed to enrich the company’s core BarnOne and BarnMini families with control and configuration upgrades and additional functionality. Barnfind’s product offerings also put green practices at the forefront, by placing multiple functions into one rack unit and keeping power consumption as low as possible. 

New to the European market will be the BarnOne with Web Server and control via Telnet. Barnfind’s new web interface provides installation, configuration and operation of one or multiple BarnOne frames. A free firmware update allows access to a new version of BarnStudio control software with functionalities also available via OpenGear Dashboard (ROSS Video). The frame now offers Telnet protocol in addition to SNMP for communication for enhanced responsiveness and reliability.

A new Signal Redundancy Switch firmware release includes added functionality via an integrated signal redundancy switch that can be configured for all BarnOne’s outputs. The switch supplies control of signal presence, quality and status, and provides an advanced redundancy system. Functions can be configured and monitored in the new BarnStudio web interface.

The company will show its BarnOne BTF1-10-AA and BTF1-10-AESemb. BTF1-10-AESemb offers an 8-channel embedder and de-embedder for AES audio. The frame includes the standard main board with 16 x SFP ports and 8 x BNC top board included and offers the same functionality as other members of the BarnOne family. Users can identify SDI signals in the frame to use for (de) embedding.

BTF1-10-AA offers 8x analog audio input, 8x analog audio output converted to/from MADI. The frame includes the standard main board with 16 x SFP ports and 8 x BNC top board included. The BTF1-10-AA offers the same functionality as all BarnOne frames. MADI signals can be identified in the frame for analog audio transport.

Barnfind Stage Box Break-out panel system (pictured above) will also be on display. Barnfind’s new Stage Box Break-out panel allows front panels to be customised based on the required connectors. A selection of eight modules will serve as connection points to one or more BarnOne or BarnMini units. All eight modules and the 2RU chassis are made of solid aluminium, with high performance connectors. Barnfind offers connectors for BNC’s, RJ45, XLR female and male, LEMO for Camera and LEMO for CCU, LC’s among others.

Barnfind’s unique CAM-CCU transport solution has expanded from supporting nine cameras to 18 cameras on a single fibre thanks to Barnfind’s new and innovative HiLo SFP system. The new Barnfind 18 x CAM-CCU solution allows up to 18 cameras to be multiplexed into 1 single mode fibre for bi-directional traffic over long distances. An internal matrix router allows the user to switch any camera to any CCU. Other signals, such as MADI, SDI, SDTI, Ethernet, CVBS, AES, and ASI, can also be multiplexed into the same fiber. The total solution fits in only 2RU per side.