Australian Broadcasting Corp switches switchers

Grass Valley Korona
Neal Romanek
Post Production
January 13th 2017 at 12:53PM : By Neal Romanek

ABC will be upgrading its Grass Valley equipment

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has upgraded 13 of its studios in eight capital cities across Australia. The 13 studios are responsible for the playout of ABC news and current affairs have included Grass Valley equipment throughout.

ABC will use Grass Valley’s K-Frame-based switchers for each location, with a mixture of Karrera and the new GV Korona switcher panels. The new K-Frame systems will be replacing older Grass Valley Kayak switchers.

Both the Karrera and GV Korona K-Frame include support for 1080p and 4K UHD. These capabilities are offered as two system packages, with 3 M/Es or 2 M/Es. The new switchers will join ABC's existing Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frames currently in operation in the ABC’s studio production facilities.

The 13 studios will also be employing the ABC Integrated Media System (IMS) system that Grass Valley is providing.