A tech overhaul at Russian news channel Life

SAM Kahuna switcher at Russia's Life news
Neal Romanek
Post Production
June 1st 2017 at 11:41AM : By Neal Romanek

The refit sees a new Kahuna switcher and the largest deployment in Europe of EditShare's Flow asset management system

Moscow-based news channel Life has upgraded its studios. The upgrades include a new SAM Kahuna 4800 production switcher with Maverik control service and EditShare storage solutions.

Regional system integrator Studio Service was responsible for installing the upgrade. The Kahuna 4800 is a compact switcher that offers 2 to 4M/Es, 2.5 DVE and up to 24 key layers on a fully populated system. Kahuna’s FormatFusion3 and new FormatFusion4 technology allows flexibility in multi-format progamming, including SD, HD, 1080p, 4K, IP and HDR.

 “As a major player in the competitive Russian TV news market, having the requisite architecture in place is crucial if Life wants to deliver the best programming possible. This is especially important when it comes to switching technology because it serves as the backbone of their operations. The Kahuna was a great choice for the broadcaster both in terms of functionality and cost and integrates seamlessly with their existing Avid graphics system,” said Anastasiya Ushakova, project engineer at Studio Service.

Life and its recently acquired St. Petersburg-based Life78 upgraded to EditShare's XStream EFS high-availability, distributed shared storage, its Flow production asset management (PAM) and EditShare Ark Disk archiving solutions. The refit also includes EditShare Geevs, which will manage HD-SDI ingest and multi-channel playout for both stations.

The EditShare system will connect both Life and Life78 through dual 320TB EditShare XStream EFS media storage clusters, including the largest install of EditShare’s Flow production platform in Europe.

The installation was very fast with the EditShare systems prepared, installed and live on air in less than six weeks, and the SAM Kahuna 4800 switcher installed and operating on air within two days.