Manufacturers musings: Simon McGrath, thePlatform

Simon McGrath
September 7th 2015 at 11:56AM


A cloud-based unified ingest service for pay TV operators will be on the IBC agenda for thePlatform’s Simon McGrath. Mercifully, high heels will not.

Name: Simon McGrath
Job title: General Manager, Europe
Company: thePlatform

Number of IBCs attended?

I must have attended over 20 IBCs, perhaps even 25. I recall once making a mad rush to Brighton a long, long time ago.


What will be the technology trends at IBC this year?

I think there will be continuing focus on the convergence of IP and cloud technologies with the traditional architectures and workflows of broadcast.  Cloud technologies bring new As-A-Service paradigms, business models and operational structures, and these are disruptive, in a very positive way.  For those that embrace these technologies, transformational change follows, and this is very exciting. Real economies of scale, as well as speed of integration and deployment will accelerate their adoption.  Also, we expect a lot of discussion around the challenges of ingesting and curating linear and on-demand metadata on a large scale. We are definitely moving to a Big (Meta) Data world for video.


What is new from your company at IBC? 

We will be in Hall 14 at IBC this year.  One of the newest things we will showcase is our cloud-based Unified Ingest Service for pay TV operators.  It’s designed to simplify pay TV operator’s multiscreen video offerings, by centrally managing how video and its associated metadata is ingested and managed on STBs and other devices. We’ll also be discussing other ways that our MPX system can help TV programmers, operators, and OTT video providers centrally manage, monetise, and distribute their shows and movies across screens.


Which overused word or phrase would you like to see banned from IBC/trade shows and why?

“I’m running a little late.”


What is your favourite bar/pub/restaurant in Amsterdam?

My favourite bar is Bourbon Street, and my favourite restaurant is Vasso.


Do you have any trade show survival tips?

Leave the uncomfortable shoes/high heels at home. Travel light.