Manufacturer Musings: Peter Poers, Junger Audio

Peter Poers
August 6th 2015 at 11:36AM

Junger Audio

A dose of IBC reality from Peter Poers of Junger Audio, who also wants to get rid of the terms ‘cloud’ and ‘all-IP’ and promises to serve the best coffee at the show.

Name: Peter Poers

Job title: Managing director

Company worked for: Jünger Audio

Number of IBCs attended?  23

What will be the technology trends at IBC this year?

Who knows? There are so many! And the trends being discussed around the show may not always reflect the reality of daily life in linear broadcasting. There are still plenty of TV channels that are not broadcasting in HD – not to mention an even higher number of production facilities that don’t have HD capability, and yet we are allowing discussions about 4K/8K and all-IP to consume our time…

What is new from your company at IBC?

We are presenting the prototype of a product designed for Next Generation Audio formats - so called “Immersive Audio”.  The new Jünger Audio Multichannel Monitoring & Authoring Unit will be a central piece of equipment for people working with these new formats because it will allow them to check the quality of all immersive audio transmissions, regardless of the codec they are using (MPEG-H, Dolby Immersive Audio etc). It will also help maintain compliance with existing loudness regulations, while avoiding the known processing artifacts of traditional loudness control approaches.

Which overused word or phrase would you like to see banned from IBC/trade shows and why?

This is difficult to say, but I think  'cloud' and 'all-IP' are my choice because they are used far too often considering that the concept and technology has yet to become a serious reality.

What is your favourite bar/pub/restaurant in Amsterdam?

It used to be the Bierproeflokaal (pub) “In de Wildeman”. But since I stopped living it up at night in Amsterdam, there isn't really anywhere that's a favourite.

Do you have any trade show survival tips?

Go outside occasionally and get some fresh air, it makes all the difference, especially if it's sunny, which IBC often is. And if you need a decent coffee, come to the Jünger Audio stand – we have the best.