Manufacturer Musings: Peter Poers, Junger Audio

Peter Poers, Junger Audio
Neal Romanek
September 11th 2016 at 5:23PM : By Neal Romanek

Jünger Audio

Junger Audio's team likes to stay on the outskirts of town during IBC.

Name: Peter Poers

Job title: Managing director

Company: Jünger Audio GmbH

Number of IBCs you’ve attended? Too many! Certainly more than 20.

What will be the big technology trends at this year’s IBC?

My guess is that it will be all about IP. The fact that there is still debate among the video guys over which standard to adopt means that there is enough space left for new interpretations and irritating ideas. Also, we’ll probably be talking about The Cloud as there is still a lot of debate to be had about that.

What will your company be highlighting at IBC?

Smart Audio, which we’ll discuss as part of the trend towards Smart Production. The broadcast and media production industries are no different to any others and will ultimately have to adapt to incorporate more automation because higher efficiency is a must. Smart production is the way forward.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the TV industry right now?

With other media distribution channels attracting more and more people, the dimensions of the TV industry (in terms of dominating the market for information and entertainment) is shrinking further. This is a difficult situation and one that differs around the world – the more technologically advanced a country is, the more likely it is to face this problem.

Given that the RAI is two meters below sea level, what is your business doing to address climate change?

For a long time now we have been designing low power, and therefore ‘green’, processing equipment. This was mainly driven by the knowledge that we shouldn’t create fan-based noises in quiet audio control rooms. In an analogue age, delivering audio required more energy, but digital transport doesn’t affect the energy consumption of transmission.

However, people should be aware of how much energy all the IP-based services will need. The internet and all the infrastructure that entails need a massive load of energy!

Your top tips for trade show survival?

Eat and drink properly. This is easier now because the RAI has improved and you can get food and drinks all around the show. Also, make sure you know where all the new exhibition spaces are so that you don’t run round in circles. Getting a cab in the evening has also improved, so all in all it’s not so exhausting.

Your favourite place(s) in Amsterdam to unwind and why?

For some time now we’ve been staying on the outskirts of town and we tend to stay local so we can enjoy fresh air, a greener environment, open windows at night and no tram noises.