Manufacturer Musings: Neil Berry, thePlatform

thePlatform's Neil Berry
Neal Romanek
September 1st 2016 at 4:29PM : By Neal Romanek

Comcast's thePlatform

Neil Berry of Comcast's thePlatform thinks the industry's biggest challenge are the ever-changing business models around consumer behaviour

Name: Neil Berry

Job title: VP & MD EMEA Comcast wholesale, thePlatform

Company: Comcast Wholesale

Number of IBCs you¹ve attended? 5

What do think will be the big technology trends at this year¹s IBC?

  • Business models and monetisation strategies for the future
  • Direct to consumer
  • All content owners trying to reach new audiences?, especially Millenials
  • Content everywhere
  • The changing face of TV - How do drive consumer innovation in the new TV ecosystem?

What will your company be highlighting at IBC?

All of the above

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the TV industry right now?

The hybrid nature and ever changing business models driving consumer behaviour.

Given that the RAI is two meters below sea level, what is your business doing to address climate change?

Comcast partners with Global Citizen's organisation to raise awareness of global goals:

Comcast are constantly trying to find ways we can improve the world around us, using our technology through various programs to benefit both people and planet through reducing the carbon footprint of our products AND mobilising assistance to protect the planet.

What are you top tips for trade show survival?

Smile lots at everyone

Your favourite place(s) in Amsterdam to unwind and why?

Blue Spoon Bar - amazing chandeliers and drinks?. Very chilled after a hard day at IBC

Sky Lounge if you fancy a drink with a view ­ depending on weather.