Manufacturer Musings: Lars-Olof Janflod, Genelec

Genelec, Lars-Olof Janflod
Neal Romanek
August 23rd 2016 at 12:14PM : By Neal Romanek


Genelec's Lars-Olof Janflod will return to IBC this year with an ear toward networks and the growing popularity of the audio of IP standard AES67.


Name: Lars-Olof Janflod 

Job title: Press & PR director

Company: Genelec Oy

Number of IBCs you’ve attended? Not 100% sure but somewhere around 25.

What do think will be the big technology trends at this year’s IBC?

On the audio side and judging from what it was at NAB, definitely “networks". The discussion is on with more and more companies coming on board with AES67!

What’s will your company be highlighting at IBC?

Our main focus and highlights will be on our Smart Active Monitoring products in general and in particular on two models, our smallest three ways system the 8351A, coaxial monitor solution and also on the 8430A, the first ever commercially available AoIP (AES67) based studio monitor that we launced in the beginning of this year.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the TV industry right now?

To be able to follow in the rapid technolgical chnages that there are, a lot of that has to do with networks and streaming.

Given that the RAI is two meters below sea level, what is your business doing to address climate change?

Genelec is a environmentally friendly company and we see this as important as the bottom line of the companies balance sheet. One example of many is that we manufacture our products of recycled materials like aluminium etc.

What are you top tips for trade show survival?

Get a proper night's sleep and do not drink to much, at least not every day!

Your favourite place(s) in Amsterdam to unwind and why?

I don’t know if I want to expose my little gems! Ok, here is one of them, a countryside restaurant called the Voetangle, its by the Amstel river near a village called Oudekerk. Good kitchen and surrounded by countryside with cowfields, beautiful at IBC time when it's still warm outside.