Manufacturer Musings: Kevin Fitzgerald, Gearhouse Broadcast

Kevin Fitzgerald
September 3rd 2015 at 3:01PM

Gearhouse Broadcast

For Gearhouse Broadcast's Kevin Fitzgerald IBC 2015 will be all about full IP integration, remote production workflows and the wearing of new socks (but definitely not new shoes).

Name: Kevin Fitzgerald
Job title: Head of system and product sales
Company worked for: Gearhouse Broadcast

Number of IBCs attended? 28


What will be the technology trends at IBC this year?

In the coming months I think we’re going to see some interesting steps towards full IP integration. It’s already widely used for a number of functions within workflows and I think that this hybrid route will continue to evolve we rely entirely on IP infrastructures. The end result of IP adoption is going to be hugely beneficial to the industry.

Steps towards 4K are also still ongoing. One of these steps is in the camera technology that appears to be moving toward the benefits that high dynamic range can offer production, before full 4K adoption happens in acquisition. A number of manufacturers are also highlighting the licensing feature on their new cameras to meet these needs.


What is new from your company at IBC?

While we’ll be speaking to visitors about the latest projects we’ve been working on, we’ll also be discussing remote production. Our commitment to adopting new technologies has led us to recently demonstrating a remote production workflow at our London HQ. Once the right connectivity infrastructure is in place, there’s going to be huge financial and operational benefits for content producers and broadcasters.


Which overused word or phrase would you like to see banned from IBC/trade shows and why?

“It will be ready by next NAB/ IBC.”


What is your favourite bar/pub/restaurant in Amsterdam?

Argentinian Steak House - Dam Square


Do you have any trade show survival tips?

Wear new socks, not new shoes!