Manufacturer Musings: Jamie Shepperd, Adder Technology

Jamie Shepperd
August 26th 2015 at 4:47PM

Adder Technology

Along with focussing on matrix-based connectivity, Adder Technology’s Jamie Shepperd will be enjoying Brasserie van Baerle and drinking plenty of water during IBC 2015.

Name: Jamie Shepperd
Job title: Group marketing manager
Company: Adder Technology

Number of IBCs attended?

I have been attending IBC since 1998. Adder Technology first exhibited in 2003, and has done so every year since.


What will be the technology trends at IBC this year?

This year there will be a lot of focus on issues surrounding IP, 4K, VOD and second screen. Technologies that help to manage and implement these things will also be prominent, as will technologies that enhance or improve their workflows. Adder Technology will be focusing on connectivity, mainly matrix-based connectivity for pixel perfect broadcast workflow.


What is new from your company at IBC?

We will be launching a new product at IBC, the DDX Matrix. Designed for small workgroups, it’s a solution for people who need absolute reliability and precise, lossless video and USB. With a simple, user-focused GUI, the DDX Matrix can be used and understood by anyone, straight off the bat. It’s an ideal solution for outdoor broadcasts, but can be used in any broadcasting scenario.


Which overused word or phrase would you like to see banned from IBC/trade shows and why?

I’d like to ban the word ‘convergence,’ on the basis that in the broadcast space, I think there’s a general acceptance that the technical environment is IT-based, and therefore computer and IP-driven.


What is your favourite bar/pub/restaurant in Amsterdam?

I love Brasserie van Baerle ear the museum square. We always have a great time there. It has a relaxed atmosphere, an excellent wine list and a perfect location.


What are your trade show survival tips?

You can never go wrong with extra business cards, a phone charger with a European adapter and extra bottles of water.