Manufacturer Musings: Geert-Jan Gussen, Axon

Axon, Geert-Jan Gussen
Neal Romanek
September 2nd 2016 at 3:21PM : By Neal Romanek


Axon Digital Design's Geert-Jan Gussen says that IP production is at the top of the broadcast agenda.

Name: Geert-Jan Gussen

Job title: Marketing manager

Company: Axon Digital Design

Number of IBCs you’ve attended? 15

What do think will be the big technology trends at this year’s IBC?

4k/Ultra-HD and video over IP.

What’s will your company be highlighting at IBC?

Axon will launch the next generation of SynView modular multiviewer, capable of handling both 4K and any IP video format. Designed for use as a stand-alone unit or as part of an Axon Synapse signal processing system, the new SynView multiviewer is the only single field latency (20ms@50Hz and 16,7ms@59.94Hz) multiview system on the market. It can be combined with over 300 different processing modules and can scale, position, de-embed, overlay and process 8 video channels.

We will be showing SynView running multiple screens from two cards, demonstrating its effectiveness in a variety of situations, including fast response production monitor walls (where it offers unequalled low processing delay and start up time); high resolution, high source count monitor walls and OB van preview monitoring and shading and as part of an IP production workflow.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the TV industry right now?

At the top of the broadcast agenda is IP production, with the debate about which standard to adopt - S2022 or TR03 via TR04 – likely to be much in evidence on the show floor. The possibility of another change in standards before the end of the year has created a degree of uncertainty that is leading some customers to put their IP plans on hold or invest further is SDI.

Given that the RAI is two meters below sea level, what is your business doing to address climate change?

Being a Dutch company we know about the battle against the water and the need to address climate change. Our products are designed with low power consumption in mind. We try to incorporate as much functionality as possible into our modules to reduce the amount a modules needed, thus reducing power consumption and heat exhaustion. Our manufacturers are also bound by strict environmental guidelines.

What are you top tips for trade show survival?

Don’t just consider it as a survival challenge. Look at the bright side – it’s only five days, then it is all over!

Your favourite place(s) in Amsterdam to unwind and why?

Visit the 9 Streets neighbourhood. Here you will really experience Amsterdam.