Manufacturer Musings: Edel Garcia, Glookast

Edel Garcia
August 18th 2015 at 1:00PM


IBC 2015 is going to be all about 4K for post and IP for production and signal processing, suggests Edel Garcia, who also warns Amsterdam first-timers to keep an eye out for cyclists when crossing the road

Name: Edel Garcia

Job title: EVP of sales and operations

Company worked for: Glookast

Number of IBCs attended? 11

What will be the technology trends at IBC this year?

Due to the growth in adoption of UHD/4K capture in production and post-production workflows since last year, and the challenges this brings to media companies, this year there will be a focus on providing solutions intended to help media companies use 4K acquisition within HD post environments.

As well, many manufacturers will be showcasing IP-based solutions for production and signal processing.  

What is new from your company at IBC?

We will showcase 4K ingest into HD post environments as well as parking workflows that allow 4K media to be parked for conforming purposes while allowing users to edit using HD proxies.

We will also present new workflows that allow media companies to integrate proxies being sent wirelessly from field camera crews into their news or sports post production systems.

Which overused word or phrase would you like to see banned from IBC/trade shows and why?

‘ROI’ - some companies use it to market their solutions but rarely is there a mechanism to properly measure it.

What is your favourite bar/pub/restaurant in Amsterdam?

Ristorante Savini - great service and environment along with great Italian food.

Do you have any trade show survival tips?

Take an umbrella: it will rain. If it will be your first time in Amsterdam, be aware that what you think is a sidewalk (pavement) is actually a bike lane, and cyclists will run you over if you are not paying attention.