London calling: It's BVE time again

BVE 2016
Neal Romanek
February 21st 2017 at 9:57AM : By Neal Romanek

Our interview with BVE event manager Daniel Sacchelli

BVE is the second biggest TV technology trade show in Europe. BVE event manager Daniel Sacchelli tells us what to expect from this year's confab


Daniel Sacchelli, BVE event managerHow long have you been involved with BVE and how have you seen it change over that time?

This will be my fourth Year with the show officially, although I was involved in BVE during the move to ExCeL. Aside from the obvious location shift, the show has grown in scale, scope and reputation, and is regarded as a key touch point in the industry calendar.

Why do people come to BVE? What does it have to offer, apart from being a meet-up for the UK industry?

BVE has the advantage of kicking off trade show season. We have had the whole of the year to reflect on what happened in 2016 - both politically and technologically - and how that has affected our industry. BVE’s free seminar programme is packed full with both educational content and inspirational speakers.

What is new at the show this year?

We have launched several new initiatives for 2017. With the explosion of virtual reality, we have launched the BVE VR Experience, which gives visitors the chance to view the latest in filmed VR content from leading production companies including BBC Earth, Happy Finish, Sky VR and Surround Vision. As part of this, BVE will host informative discussions on the applications of VR throughout all five of our theatres and exhibitions from cutting edge manufacturers such as Sennheiser.

For an improved visitor experience we have also welcomed back the BVE App, making planning for the show easier and giving greater visibility of what is going on in and around the show.

Finally for 2017 we have introduced the BVE Meeting Service. This creates a streamlined approach for both exhibitors and visitors to set up meetings with relevant parties only. Meaning more time to discuss worthwhile sales and deals – which is always a good thing!

What are the new technologies and markets that are appearing at the show? Esports? Enterprise/corporate video? Micro-broadcasters?

This year we have fully embraced convergence. IP focused technology is now something all broadcast engineers have to deal with. We have teamed up with Connected Media Europe who will be presenting a stellar seminar programme tackling the challenges we are seeing crop up more and more, including IPTV, OTT, mobile, social and the cloud. We have also made an assertive step to include the creative services in to the BVE fold. The corporate world is creating a vast amount of content at incredibly high quality – exhibitors such as NewTek and TSL Systems will be showcasing their solutions which are perfect for that sector – including TSL System’s newly launched ‘studio in a box’ solution.

In the Esports field – SAM will be presenting LiveTouch, a complete replay, highlights and production system for studio and sport applications. Imagen, is launching Version 5 of its enterprise video platform. With its global service already being used by the Premier League, it’s a great bit of cloud based technology allowing sports broadcasters to manage their archived and future content.

The corporate world is creating a vast amount of content at incredibly high quality

What’s new this year in the conference streams?

I am immensely proud of what the conference has to offer this year. Spread across our five theatres Cinematography & Lighting, Production, Post & Workflow, AV, Integration & Live and The Screen @ BVE (The Screen sessions on Wed, March 1st will be hosted by TV Tech Global editor, Neal Romanek), we have 120 hours of free seminar content for visitors to enjoy.

We have partnered with both Connected Media Europe and, for the second year, will host the Streaming Forum conference, which will address all the major challenges and advantages of the future in an IP based world. One of the primary constants across all of our theatres is VR. The growth of the VR market is set to soar over the coming years, affecting all of our sectors in different ways. In the AV, Integration and Live Theatre Tom Nelson, Creative Producer at the Royal Opera House, will explore the possibilities of using VR technologies to enable production teams to better design the stage, whilst over in the Post & Workflow Theatres we will be taking an in depth look in to the considerations of broadcasting VR before application. VR has certainly disrupted the industry and at BVE 2017 we are ensuring that we leave no stone unturned.

Will there be any return to BVE North? Or any other localised or speciality BVE events?

At this time there are no plans for BVE North to return. However, we are teaming up with an increasing number of strategic partners and associations which will extend our reach beyond London and the Southeast and encourage visitors from a greater geographical diversity to attend the show. 

This year the Streaming Forum, Branded Content Marketing Association, Connected Media Europe and TPI are all holding collocated events throughout BVE – and we have a number of additional strategic partnerships to announce in the coming months.

What feedback have you had about BVE and what people want to see?

What we hear time and time again is that BVE serves as a great platform for visitors to have intimate discussions and get hands on with kit. To create an even better service and encourage closer relationship building we have launched the BVE Meeting Service. Ahead of the show exhibitors can see and contact relevant visitors whom have stated an interest in their products and services– allowing for a more structured experience at the show and a more streamlined approach to selling. Our ambitions for the future far outweigh anything that people have seen from us so far and we’re very excited about some of the developments we’ll be announcing in the coming year.

What is your background? How did you come onboard BVE?

I began my career in both the broadcast and exhibition industries simultaneously, ten years ago at IBC. Working as part of the conference production team, I delivered four IBC events before joining what was then Emap to work on Bett, in the Education Technology sector. Unable to stay away from the Broadcast sector for too long, I shifted my allegiances internally, joining BVE in 2013.