IBC Musings: Tobias Kronenwett, SonoVTS

Tobias Kronenwett
Neal Romanek
August 31st 2017 at 2:23AM : By Neal Romanek


Tobias Kronenwett of SonoVTS thinks this year's big IBC trend will be IP.


Name: Tobias Kronenwett

Company: SonoVTS


Job Title: Head of business development

Number of IBCs you’ve attended: 14

Flying, driving or train-ing to IBC this year? Flying

What is your goal for this year’s IBC show?

To promote our new range of displays and to get more brand awareness of the SonoVTS

What will be the big tech trends at this year’s IBC?


What gear/software/platform do you wish someone would make?

A working IP control system

What’s your fondest IBC/Amsterdam memory?

Beach dinner at Zandfoord Beach

Can you speak Dutch?

Tiny little bit