IBC Musings: Neal Romanek, TV Tech Global

Neal Romanek
Neal Romanek
July 20th 2017 at 8:25AM : By Neal Romanek

TV Tech Global

Neal Romanek, editor of TV Tech Global thinks the virtual reality conversation is just beginning


Name: Neal Romanek

Job Title: Editor of TV Tech Global and NewBay Connect - and Writer For The Screens

Company: NewBay

Number of IBCs you’ve attended: 5

Flying, driving or train-ing to IBC this year?  Eurostar! The RAI in Amsterdam is already two meters below sea level. We get the guilts if we fly.

What is your goal for this year’s IBC show? 

To shoot more video coverage for our YouTube channel and to not be so busy covering the show that I don't get to see the show.

What will be the big tech trends at this year’s IBC?

People will continue to talk about immersive technology and VR/AR/MR. They still won't know what it's for, but the promise of a fully immersive media landscape will keep the conversation moving forward. Unlike the 3D TV flash in the pan, virtual reality will be an ongoing project for years to come.

The "will you switch to IP?" question will be resolved this year. Solutions will be presented on how to actually move forward with it practically and in a timely, but economically sensible, fashion.

Cyber security will be a big topic of discussion. The cyber security discussion will be split into two camps: people who say "Don't you think you're making too much of all this?" and people who are curled up in a traumatised ball of sobs after being hit by a cyber attack.

What piece of gear/software/platform do you wish someone would make?

A sophisticated platform for developing content - a program which could manage, manipulate and edit images, video assets and script elements from the very earliest stages of project. Various story assets could be used in various data views, including a linear timeline, 3D modelling, gantt charts, collages or mindmaps. It would be a kind of writer / director / producer/ designer think-space, which could be used all the way through production, post and even into marketing. Naturally, it would interface with other scheduling, production and post production software. Since it would be a tool used from the very earliest stages of idea generation, before commissioning, it would have to be low-cost and freelance-affordable. Call me when you're done.

Also I need a good iPhone app for recording phone interviews.

What’s your fondest IBC/Amsterdam memory?

There are so many. Last year's was attending a respectable industry event at an Amsterdam establishment, and suddenly recalling it was the same place I'd once been catastrophically obliterated in as a wayward youth.

Can you speak Dutch? 

The Dutch generally speak better English than I do. But I've determined not to be the ugly foreigner this year, so sometimes on my runs I listen to Dutch lessons on YouTube.