IBC Musings, Kevin Emmott, Calrec

Kevin Emmott, Calrec
Neal Romanek
August 23rd 2017 at 1:13PM : By Neal Romanek


Calrec's Kevin Emmott think this IBC will be about IP and remote broadcasting - and fidget spinners.


Name: Kevin Emmott

Company: Calrec Audio

Job Title: Marketing Manager

Number of IBCs you’ve attended: 16

Flying, driving or train-ing to IBC this year?

Flying! The first time in about ten years we won’t get lost on the outskirts of Amsterdam in a massive van we can barely drive.

What is your goal for this year’s IBC show?

Not get lost.

What will be the big tech trends at this year’s IBC?

I guess it will be fidget spinners, and probably those wristbands that make you feel guilty for not exercising enough. Also lots of talk about IP and remote broadcasting, and the march towards the decentralisation of live broadcasting.

What gear/software/platform do you wish someone would make?

A translation tool that works like the Babel Fish from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, so that British people abroad don’t seem quite as pompous and ignorant. Rocket boots. A robot butler like the one in Rocky 4.

What’s your fondest IBC/Amsterdam memory?

Seeing some really lovely parts of the real, authentic Amsterdam from the window of a van, every year for the last decade.

Can you speak Dutch?

No. I’m British, pompous and ignorant. See above.