IBC Musings: Dr. Neale Foster, Access Europe

Neale Foster, Access Europe
Neal Romanek
August 15th 2017 at 11:18AM : By Neal Romanek


Dr. Neale Foster of Access Europe hopes to modernise the way operators think about multiscreen services at this year's IBC.


Name: Dr. Neale Foster

Company: Access Europe

Job Title: Managing director and COO

What is your goal for this year's IBC show?

This year, our aim is to modernise operators’ way of thinking when it comes to multiscreen services. Multiscreen has made huge advancements over the last few years, but many operators are still clinging to the outdated idea that they should only deliver their own branded catalogue. In reality, consumers are tired of having to sift through multiple apps in order to access their favourite programmes and want a service that aggregates multiple content catalogues.

Building on our partnership with Reliance Jio Infocomm, who launched its multiscreen service to 100 million consumers in India with ACCESS Twine, our aim for this year’s IBC is to demonstrate how operators can join the next multiscreen revolution by deploying a simplified service that enables access to all content sources at once through a single application.

What will be the big tech trends at this year¹s IBC?

The next era of multiscreen: for years operators have focused all of their attention on seamlessly delivering content to every device. Whilst this is still important, forward thinking operators are already asking how they can further increase stickiness to their service. With more competition from pure OTT players, we expect that focus will shift from the operator’s content catalogue to personal sources and external user generated content as operators seek to aggregate, syndicate and protect all content sources within their own branded environment.

What piece of gear/software/platform do you wish someone would make?

A real life Portal Transporter, so we don’t have to fly for 12 hours to Japan or USA. It could be something along the lines of Elon Musk’s ‘Hyperloop transport’, or better still: the ‘Transporter’ in Star Trek. I would even settle for Roald Dahl’s Mike Teavee if it worked!

What's your fondest IBC/Amsterdam memory?

Vla and Gouda Cheese!

Can you speak Dutch?

A little. My mother is Dutch and Amsterdam has become a second home for me.