IBC Musings: David Ross, Ross Video

David Ross, Ross Video
Neal Romanek
July 26th 2017 at 9:51AM : By Neal Romanek

Ross Video

David Ross's fondest memory of IBC is a night of teamwork in the face of food poisoning. 


Name: David Ross

Job Title: CEO and Chief Cheerleader

Company: Ross Video

Number of IBCs you’ve attended: 20

Flying, driving or train-ing to IBC this year?

Definitely flying. Driving from Canada involves getting very wet and the train just isn’t practical – the buffet car always runs out of sandwiches by Newfoundland.

What is your goal for this year’s IBC show?

I want our customers to understand that Ross has solutions in every direction that the industry is currently heading in. This is no small feat given that some customers are looking at IP solutions, some want to know about virtualisation, others are interested in UHD, there is a growing demand for 12G SDI, and next generation HD over SDI products are still mainstream requests.

At Ross, we continue to make a conscious effort to invest in new products that serve the entire breadth of our customers’ needs, instead of choosing just one or two segments going forward.

What gear/software/platform do you wish someone would make?

Apart from the obvious wish for pills that take away the effects of jet lag and a machine to make the 5th day of the show magically disappear, the industry needs to continue to define and refine the standards to make IP Video easy for both manufacturers and customers to implement.

SMPTE 2110 is just a wire replacement, SMPTE 2059 just replaces black burst, and NMOS identifies signals. There’s a whole area of Traffic Management that has yet to be tackled so that, as an industry, we can ultimately merge all of the IP traffic for video, audio, control, timing, file transfer, newsroom systems, and even email onto a single highly reliable COTS switch – and have that interoperability between vendors. It’s a big ask, but if we don’t deal with this, customers are going to be locked into specific vendor solutions just as they’re trying to realise the perceived freedom of COTS.

What’s your fondest IBC/Amsterdam memory?

After one of our first, and very modest, IBC’s we treated ourselves to a nice supper at one of the restaurants immediately adjacent to the RAI. Four out of the five of us (I was the one spared) became violently ill. That didn’t change the fact that our return flights were booked and we had to take down and pack the entire stand that same evening. In one of the most astounding examples of dedication and teamwork I’ve ever experienced, we still got the job done, even if at least one of us was running to the restroom at any given moment throughout the evening and late into the night.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t my fondest memory, but it was extremely memorable.

Can you speak Dutch?

Sadly not, but when you ask a Dutch person if they speak English, they fortunately often say yes. Perhaps more importantly, I was given a book a few years ago “Understanding the Dutch” which, while possibly inaccurate, was an interesting read.