IBC Musings: Chris Smeeton, Argosy

Neal Romanek
September 5th 2017 at 3:55AM : By Neal Romanek


This year Argosy is trying to help broadcasters manage power more efficiently and in more financially-friendly ways.


Name: Chris Smeeton

Company: Argosy

Job Title: Managing director, EMEA

Number of IBCs you’ve attended: 17

Flying, driving or train-ing to IBC this year?

I’ll be co-driving the van and catching the ferry as usual. We always look forward to the ferry across from the UK to The Netherlands - taking the opportunity to have a drink with some old friends who travel over at the same time each year; the downside is we tend to forget the one hour time difference in transit and end up saying goodnight a little later than expected.

What is your goal for this year’s IBC show?

High quality leads are always the main aim for us at exhibitions.

We’re also using this year’s IBC as a platform to highlight the fact that we can help broadcasters who are seeking to manage power more efficiently and in more financially-friendly ways. Visitors to the Argosy stand can investigate the potential of employing a series of daisy-chained PDUs that use single IP connections and a web-based GUI to keep abreast of the status of every output (thus every piece of equipment in the racks) in different locations. They should come away feeling that Argosy are growing momentum as broader infrastructure specialists.

What will be the big tech trends at this year’s IBC?

The transition to IP will continue to be a hot topic. Not only are broadcasters looking to share access and control of their software-based infrastructure via IP, but the same goes for control and monitoring of power and hardware. The other trend is the growing interest in 4K and high dynamic range video which demand an upgrade of existing infrastructure. We also believe that KVM over IP technology will take off this year in broadcast – as it gives users simple, shared control of their software-based infrastructure using only a keyboard and mouse.

What gear/software/platform do you wish someone would make?

This is a pretty low-tech response, but it would be nice if someone could invent a neat low cost solution for installing multiple standalone power supplies into equipment racks so that they could be installed with the same degree of care and tidiness as the rest of the infrastructure in the rack and not take up valuable space on the cable tray.

What’s your fondest IBC/Amsterdam memory?

As part of an anniversary celebration some years ago, I took a wonderful guided architectural tour on a barge along the canals of Amsterdam – it was amazing. I have a few other less cultural IBC stories that can’t be told in print though!

Can you speak Dutch?

Helemaal niet (which, according to a well know online translation engine, means ‘none at all!’)