KOBA 2018

KOBA 2018
Date May 15th - May 18th 2018
Venue COEX (Convention & Exhibition Center), Seoul, Korea

The first KOBA was held in 1991 co-organised by Korea E & EX and KOBETA (The Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association) for the enhancement of the Korean broadcasting culture and the development of the image, sound and lighting industry in Korea

KOBA2018 will be held in COEX Hall A, C, D and presenting next generation broadcast services and the future of image, sound and lighting industries.

During the KOBA Show, more than 80 international broadcasting technology conferences are hosted by KOBETA (The Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association). And the sound-related technical seminars, organised by KASA (Korea Association of Sound Artists) and Acoustical Society of Korea, provide an opportunity to acquire information specifically for broadcast audio.

The global "convergence" trend creates a dynamic market through the participation of creative consumers and innovative technology reaching beyond the traditional barriers between technology, services and industry. KOBA provides an opportunity to explore a new conception of broadcasting and the modernisation of the video, audio and lighting industry. 


KOBA Show Floor